Poynter Primary School runs a very successful French program from years 3 to 6. All classes are timetabled for one period of tuition in French, once per week. The aim is to develop proficiency in listening, speaking and writing skills and cultural awareness, as outlined in the Western Australian Languages Curriculum.

Students also participate meaningfully in intercultural experiences, to develop new ways of seeing and being in the world.

Well structured, sequential French programs engage students and promote learning. Topics are not taught in isolation, but integrated with language that has already been acquired. In this way, conversational skills are broadened.

All students participate in the Education Perfect Languages Championship once a year and can choose to take out an annual subscription for the EP Languages program.

As part of the curriculum the whole school participates in a French Cultural Day where students enjoy and participate in various activities celebrating French culture and language.

Older students also have the opportunity to participate in a French Pen Pal program, corresponding with French students in Lyon, France.

Students are encouraged to continue with a language at secondary school.