P & C Association

Working together to create a positive and successful school experience.

At Poynter Primary School we have a very active and successful Parents and Citizens Association. The role of the role of the P&C includes the following:

1. Supporting students and school staff to achieve goals.

2. Support School projects and activities through fundraising. 

3. Host events for students, families and the broader community.

Our P&C gives parents the opportunity to learn about the school policies and programs; it helps to stimulate community interest and participation in our children’s education; and it encourages parents to share information and views. Anyone can attend a P&C meeting, but to vote, you will need to be a paying P&C member – it only costs $1.

Monies raised throughout the year, from numerous fundraising events and the Poynter Community Market, are used to purchase valuable resources for our students and to continually improve the facilities at Poynter Primary School. To date, the P&C has contributed to IT refurbishment (LED Panels and iPads), upgrades of the Administration building, Tuart and Wandoo block courtyards and resurfacing of the basketball/netball courts. $25,000 has been committed to upgrade the existing nature play area, with works expected to commence end of Term 1, 2023. Future goals include significant outdoor improvements, including a new playground development.

Each year, the P&C has also contributed a substantial amount of funds to support online programs and physical activity programs such as Mathletics, Literacy Pro and Wushka. 

School Lunches

Poynter Primary school does not have a canteen so the P&C has engaged Locovora, an external provider, to supply lunch on a Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays for students via online ordering at https://schools.locavora.com.au/

The P&C occasionally offer Subway lunch or similar once or twice a term as a fundraiser, with the profits going to the P & C. Online orders for those lunches are available through Quickcliq.com.au 

 Community Markets

As of June 2023 the P&C will not operate the market. Further information of plans will be announced in due course.