Student Services

Our ‘Students at Educational Risk (SAER)’ coordinator is Deputy Principal, Lynne Cross. She manages the School Psychologist, the School Chaplain and the School Nurse.

The School Psychologist is appointed 3 days over a fortnight.  An access flow chart is available below outlining the process for accessing this service. Requests are made by teachers after discussions with parents.

The School Chaplain is appointed for two days a week. Parents are welcome to contact the School Chaplain, Miss Eden, directly.  Please refer to our website for the access pathway to access the Chaplain.

The School Nurse will screen all Kindergarten students for hearing and vision. Follow up with the parents is done by the nurse who will contact you personally. The nurse also has the capacity to identify students who may require follow up for Speech and Language assessments. Access for the nurse’s services to check hearing and vision is also available for students in other year levels. The request is made by the teacher and then followed up by Lynne.

Psychologist Services

School psychologists use knowledge and expertise to help support students achieve academic success, psychological health, and emotional wellbeing. They work closely with the Administration team, teachers, students, parents and interagency partners to identify causes for a student’s difficulties and to develop appropriate programs to address these. Parent and carer involvement and support are vital to the success of these programs. Further information regarding the role of a school psychologist is available in the following video.

As an Independent Public School, we appointed our own School Psychologist through a merit selection process. Our Psychologists is available at school every Monday and every second Thursday. If you are concerned about your child and would like to access School Psychology Services, please speak to your child’s classroom teacher. Attached is the formal access pathway for your information. 

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Chaplaincy Services

A Chaplaincy Service is provided for students at Poynter Primary School and this is funded through YouthCARE. Our School Chaplain, Eden Bracegirdle, is available Tuesday (odd weeks) Wednesday and Friday.

Students at Educational Risk (SAER)

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You Can Do It!

The You Can Do It! program is taught as part of the Health curriculum to support the development of the students social-emotional skills.

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The Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability (NCCD) is an annual data collection that identifies both the number of students with disability receiving adjustments and the level of adjustment for them.

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Aussie of the Month

Aussie of the Month is a primary school recognition program which has been in operation for over twenty years. The program recognises personal endeavour, achievement and contribution to the community and reflects some of the values we share, such as fair go, mateship, respect and inclusion.

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