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3P 0591Poynter Primary School is embracing its shared vision of ‘Excite, Engage, and Educate to Achieve’. The school has a proud history of high student achievement and a strong and supportive school community.  The school is renowned for its focus on academic excellence, its inclusive community and exceptional Arts programs. 

At Poynter Primary School we strive to instil a love of learning, where the academic potential of each child in our care may be realised. We believe it is essential that students learn to think in critical and creative ways: using imagination, confidence and emotional and intellectual engagement to underpin their learning across all areas of the curriculum. Students are encouraged to adopt a sense of social responsibility. Through our vibrant co-curricular programs, students learn to value creativity, physical wellbeing, environmental awareness and an appreciation of social diversity.

The school is actively promoted as a place central to the local community through initiatives such as the Farmers’ Market. This community fosters in students a sense of belonging and respect for others. Parent involvement in school activities is high, creating a strong partnership with teachers and ultimately enhancing educational outcomes for students.

Poynter Primary School entered a new phase as an Independent Public School in 2015. In setting a direction to achieve our vision, we engaged in a vigorous self-assessment process over a nine months period. Through analysis of academic, social and community focused data, including a whole school survey, we were  able to set a strategic direction for the first Business Plan 2015-2017.

In 2018 we will again work with our school community to set up the next iteration for our business plan.                                                                                         

Annual Report 2017

Business Plan 2018-2020

Poynter Primary School, located in the suburb of Duncraig, opened in October 1980. The school's unique location, only 15 kilometres from the CBD, affords easy access to beaches and quality leisure and sporting facilities. Poynter Primary School has a proud academic tradition of providing quality educational learning opportunities across all learning areas. Enrolments are consistently around 530 students and national testing results support the school's reputation for strong academic achievement.

3P2 9516In 2018 our classroom structures are as follows:

  • 2 Kindergarten classrooms with three groups
  • 1 Kindergarten / Pre-Primary combined class
  • 2 Pre-primary classrooms
  • 2 Year 1 classrooms
  • 1 Year 1/2 combined class
  • 3 Year 2 classrooms
  • 3 Year 3 classrooms
  • 2 Year 4 classrooms
  • 1 Year 4/5 combined class
  • 2 Year 5 classrooms
  • 2 Year 6 classrooms

Please refer to the My School Website  and Schools Online for data and results for Poynter PS.

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