Principal’s Welcome

Our Mission at Poynter Primary School is to provide high quality learning opportunities for students to fulfil their academic, creative, social and physical potential.  We do this through engaging students in rich, diverse and challenging curricula, empowering them to become active global citizens. Our core values are: Resilience, Confidence, Organisation, Respect, Persistence and Compassion.

Our school offers a wide range of quality educational opportunities that foster the academic, creative, cultural and sporting development of students. We strongly encourage students to be very busy and very engaged in our school. Central to the curriculum is the philosophy of creating life-long learners who use their potential and talents to become active global citizens.

Our school prides itself on the quality of student services programs.  We have a group of outstanding educators who are wonderful role models in developing character in young people. The school’s staff members value the dignity and worth of each individual and ensure that no student slips through the gaps.  Our caring staff show a genuine interest in each individual student’s development, encouraging them to strive for personal excellence. There is a strong sense of inclusivity as a number of our students who have disabilities participate at all levels in our school life. The school culture is friendly, supportive and disciplined, with an emphasis on our values of resilience, confidence, organisation, respect, persistence and compassion.

The school recognises the irreplaceable value of parents as partners in the education of their children and as the prime educators of their children.  Parents and carers actively work with the school and the staff to provide their children with an education that caters for the pastoral, academic, physical and mental wellbeing of our students. Parents are encouraged to contribute to the school through the School Board, The Parents and Citizen’s Association, through volunteering to assist in the classrooms or as Classroom Coordinators.

A highly successful curricular and extra-curricular program is offered to students. The school has established an outstanding reputation for excellence  based on our outstanding achievements in academic, sporting, and creative programs, making enrolment a highly sought after option for families in the community and beyond.

We have great facilities that foster excellence in primary education. We have actively worked with our parent community to improve physical areas of the school, so that all areas are working spaces. A great deal of effort has gone into creating attractive, well maintained grounds with many green areas of sensory plants and fruit trees, vegetable gardens, paved courtyards and landscaped playing fields.

I commend our website to you and welcome you to our school community.

Keyla Jeffers