Book Week 2020

The Book Fair and Book Week parade in Week 6 was a huge success. We had a fantastic turnout, there was excitement in the air and the children’s costumes looked great! Thank you for helping to make the Book Fair so
successful using the online payment facility and with a strong student attendance. We sold almost $6,700 worth!!

The winners of the Book Week competitions are:
Colouring / Story
Week 1 – Indiana R8 Week 2 – Brooke R15
Week 3 – Eliza R2 Week 4 – Olivia R8
Week 5 – Owen R2 Week 6 – Lumi R2
Dress-Up Parade
Room 1 – Nima S Room 9 – Annaliese D
Room 2 – Caelan D Room 10 – Andy L
Room 3 – Kevan W Room 11 – Aiden S
Room 4 – Piper M Room 12 – Luke K
Room 5 – Liam J Room 13 – Rachel K
Room 6 – Keira P Room 14 – Niki K
Room 7 – Mila M Room 15 – Isaac P
Room 8 – Indiana R Room 16 – Isla W
The winners were entitled to choose books from the
Book Fair as their prizes. Well done everybody! I also wish to acknowledge the wonderful assistance from all our helpers. A very big thank you to the parent helpers Dinusha and Louella and the Library Monitors, Susana, Myla, Audrey, Elise and Robyn, for their assistance during the Book Fair.

Christine Perrett
Library Officer